We are still finalizing the 2019 schedule.
Here’s what this day looked like last year:


You may arrive any time after 3pm.  Dinner is on your own.  A list of local restaurants will be provided.  Please be back by 6:30pm.

Please complete the following upon your arrival:

  • Check in, Location: Front hallway
  • Get Family Picture Taken (now, or just before or after group photo on Friday)
  • Unload/Move into your room (Room assignments given at Check-in)

Yard games available, Widwater Staff set up, Location: In front of Harmony Lodge

7:00 PM

Introductions, announcements & ice cream social, Location: Dining Room

9:00 PM

Suggested Bedtime For Small Children (dim lights in hallway please)

Fellowship Time,  Location: Dining Room & Meeting/Game Room
Bring your favorite table games, puzzles and snacks. Anything needing refrigeration should be labeled with your name and stored in the refrigerator in the Kaatz Meeting

11:00 PM

Suggested Bedtime for All
Middle school & under need to be in their rooms at this time. To assist with winding down, visit the Cozy Corner (in the Fireside Nook) to borrow activities, books or games to take back to your room.
(Please help tidy up common areas & turn off lights before going to bed! Thanks!)

Please sign up for recreational activities on sign-up sheets posted on the (north) gray doors in the Dining Room.

Join in the fun of being a “table hopper”. Table hopping will be explained at the opening session this evening, and you will be given an opportunity to sign up to take a turn. You do not need to sign up for table hopping for all meals. Table Hoppers report to the Dining Room 15 minutes before mealtime to set tables/take food to the tables.  As a Table Hopper, you will also be responsible for clean-up of your assigned table. Adults/youth (ages 13+) can participate. Children (ages 12 & under) can also participate when accompanied by an adult. No Table Hoppers needed for breakfast meals or for Saturday evening’s picnic.