We are still finalizing the 2019 schedule.
Here’s what this day looked like last year:


6:45-7:45 AM       

Fishing (sign up, please!), w/Tim Gaiser & Jack Cupples, Location: Pond

8:00–8:45 AM         

Buffet-Style Breakfast,  Location: Dining Room

9:00-10:15 AM     

Singing/Inter-generational Time, (w/Praise & Worship Team; and Bruce Perry),  Location: Shelter House

Child Care (3yrs. & under) w/Kayla McCall & Carlee Schmelzer.  (Child Care children dismissed after Inter-generational time singing), Location: Room 11

10:30-11:30 AM

Break-Out Groups by age/topic:

  • Child Care (2 yrs & under) w/Kayla McCall & Carlee Schmelzer, Location: Room 11
  • Preschool (3 yrs-K) w/Hannah Kershner & Brooke Metzker, Children’s Music: w/Jenny Zent-Call, Location: Kaatz Meeting Room (Parents use Fireside Nook doors)
  • Elementary (1st-4th grade in the fall): w/Wendy Schmelzer & Amy Perry; Children’s Music: w/Jenny Zent-Call, Location: Dining Room
  • Middle School (5th-8th grade in the fall): w/Robin & Lisa Kershner, Location: Barn
  • High School (9th-12th grade in the fall):  w/Nate Kershner, Location: Shelter on the way to the pool
  • Young Adults (18 to 25 suggested, anyone welcome): w/Kris Metzker, Location: Pool shelter house
  • Adults, Group 1 (all ages): w/Tim & Kathy Gaiser, Topic: “Reflections on Morning Sessions”, Location: Fireside Nook
  • Adults, Group 2 (all ages): w/Pam Wagner/Tom Gehr, Topic: Day 1: Birth, Day 2: Growth, Day 3: Flight,  Location: Shelter House

11:45 AM          

Hopper Time (Table Hoppers – Report to the Dining Room)

Singing Around The Piano, Location: By Front Entrance

12:00 NOON   

Family-Style Lunch, Location: Dining Room

AFTERNOON OPPORTUNITIES (you don’t have to do everything! These are just options.):

All Afternoon

Free Time / Naps! (Please be quiet in hallways, people are sleeping!)

1:00-2:00 PM        

Kayak Training For Anyone Who Wants To Learn, Location: Pond (note: this is required if you have not been kayaking before and would like to go kayaking on the river later in the week.)

1:00–3:30 PM        

Canoeing On The River (sign up, please!),  Location: Meet in front of Harmony Lodge. 

1:00-4:00 PM        

Crafts, Location: Dining Room  (Children 12 yrs. & under must be accompanied by an adult. Please leave your work area neat and tidy. Thanks!  Craft helpers needed, sign up please!)

1:00-4:30 PM

Open Swimming, Location: Pool  Children 14 and under must take a swim test sometime between 1:00-1:30pm to be allowed to swim in the deep end. They will get a wrist bracelet that can be used for the remainder of the week at camp.

1:45-3:00 PM        

Archery (sign up, please!) – Group 1: (Ages: 8 yrs. or going into 2nd grade & up) – (Group 1 has option to stay for 2nd session if there’s room), Location: Meet in front of Harmony Lodge

2:454:00 PM         

Archery (sign up, please!)-Group 2: (Ages: 8 yrs or going into 2nd grade & up), Location: Meet in front of Harmony Lodge

4:45 PM

Hopper Time (Table Hoppers – Report to the Dining Room)

Singing Around The Piano, Location: By Front Entrance

5:00-6:00 PM

Family-Style Dinner, Location: Dining Room


6:30-7:15 PM        

Slip & Slide Kickball (please sign up by 12 noon!) – like regular kickball except the bases are kiddie pools and there’s plastic between the bases to slide on. Location: Meet in front of Harmony Lodge

7:30-8:15 PM       

Vespers, w/Lisa Kershner & Brooke Metzker, Location: Shelter house.  Families can borrow a Kiddie Bag with activities for children do to during Vespers. Kiddie bags are located in the Cozy Corner in the Fireside Nook.

8:30 PM

Movie & popcorn (Pre-K – 4th grade), Location: Fireside Nook

Capture The Flag (sign up, please!)* (5th grade & older), w/Nate Kershner, Location: Meet in front of Harmony Lodge

9:00 PM                

Suggested Bedtime For Small Children (dim lights in hallway, please)

Fellowship Time,  Location: Dining Room & Kaatz Meeting/Game Room. Bring your favorite table games, puzzles and snacks

9:30 PM 

Romans & Christians, (5th grade & older),  w/ Nate Kershner, Location: Meet in front of Harmony Lodge.

9:30-11:00 PM      

Adult Swim (Sign Up by 5:00pm Please! 10 or more people required for this activity) – 18 and up, Location: Pool

11:00 PM

Suggested Bedtime For All
Middle school & under need to be in their rooms at this time. To assist with winding down, visit the Cozy Corner (in the Fireside Nook) to borrow activities, books or games to take back to your room.
(Please help tidy up common areas & turn off lights before going to bed! Thanks!)