2021 schedule is still being worked out. Come back in April 2021.

2022 schedule is being finalized. Here is what the schedule looked like in the past: 


6:45-7:45 AM       

Fishing (sign up, please!), w/Tim Gaiser, Location: Pond.  Please bring your own fishing equipment.

Children 12 and under need parent or guardian supervision.

8:00–8:45 AM         

Serving Line Breakfast,  Location: Dining Room and picnic tables outside.

9:00-10:15 AM     

Singing/Intergenerational Time, (w/Praise & Worship Team; and Bruce Perry),  Location: Shelter House

Child Care (2yrs. & under) w/Hannah Kershner & Stephanie Wagner.  (Child Care children dismissed after singing), Location: Room 13

10:30-11:30 AM

Break-Out Groups by age/topic: see Thursday‘s schedule for groups and locations

11:40 AM – 11:55 AM

Singing Around The Piano, Location: By the Front Entrance

12:00 NOON   

Serving Line Lunch, Location: Dining Room and picnic tables outside. Please sit at your family group table.


AFTERNOON OPPORTUNITIES (you don’t have to do everything! These are just options):

All Afternoon

Free Time / Naps! (Please be quiet in hallways, people are sleeping!)

1:00 – 2:30 PM        

Softball Game (sign up, please!), Location: Baseball Field in front of Harmony Lodge.  Bring your own gloves, bat and ball. 

1:00-4:00 PM 

Crafts, Location: Supplies in Dining Room and picnic tables outside of this room to work on crafts or T-shirts.(Children 12 years & under must be accompanied by an adult). Please leave your work area neat and tidy. Thanks! Craft helpers needed, sign up, please! 

Kiddie Pools and Water Table, Location: Behind Harmony Lodge

Swimming at Napoleon Aquatic Center, Location: 521 Glenwood Ave. Napoleon OH.
Prices: 3 yrs. & under: free, Child (4-17 yrs.): $5.00, Adult (18 yrs. and older): $6.00, Senior: (60 yrs. and older): $5.00

Open Swimming and Slip ‘n’ Slide, Location: Pond

4:40 – 4:55 PM

Singing Around The Piano, Location: By Front Entrance

5:00-6:00 PM

Serving Line Dinner, Location: Dining Room and picnic tables outside. Please sit at your family group table.



6:00 – 7:00 PM       

Kiddie Train & Hayrides, Location: Meet in front of Harmony Lodge.

Hayride has been cancelled due to mud.  Kiddie train with 3 cars still ON. 

7:30 PM

Celebration of Life Service for Lisa Kershner & Becky Walker, Location: Start in Dining Room. Please sit at your family group table.

We will be moving to the labyrinth outside after that.  It is muddy – choose your footwear wisely! 

8:30 PM

Campfire & Stargazing with Telescopes, Location: Campfire Ring. (NOTE: small children MUST be accompanied by an adult if they are roasting marshmallows!)

9:00 PM              

Bedtime For Small Children (dim lights in hallway please.)

Fellowship Time, Location: Dining Room & Recreation Room #11
Bring your favorite table games, puzzles and snacks.  Please sanitize your table when you leave that table.

9:30 PM

Youth Barn Party, Music & Pizza, (7th – 12th grade), w/Nate Kersnher, Location: Barn Loft. 

10:00 PM

Bedtime for elementary children and younger. Recreation room #11 closed to activities and lights out.

11:00 PM

Suggested Bedtime for all. Middle school & High School need to be in their rooms at this time.

(Please help tidy up common areas & turn off lights before going to bed! Thanks!)